Cold Hard Cash
As our name implies, ColdHardCash understands itís all about the money. We donít waste your time because we are busy coming up with new sites, new content and more ways for you to earn more money as an affiliate. If you have been in this business a while you already know that many people are somehow in it for fun and games. ColdHardCash and our affiliates are focused only on monetizing traffic to the maximum amount. Join us to see how much your traffic is really worth!

Our bread and butter programs are $40PPS and 60% RevShare. However, we also offer site specific programs with special payouts. Refer to the list below to see which payouts each site has in store for you. We are committed to providing many ways for you to maximize your revenue.

As an affiliate we encourage you to focus on traffic procurement. We focus on all of the content, processing, tools, stats and support you need to succeed.

  • Billing Cascades Difficult transactions can be made easy
  • By-Weekly Payouts Why let sponsors hold YOUR money longer?
  • Low Payout Minimums Get paid on every sale you generate
  • High Converting Sites True quality sites that sell easily and often
  • Brandable Names Memorable domains and high-demand niches
  • State-Of-The-Art Statistics Watch every unique in real-time for analysis
  • Webmaster Referrals Second tier payouts as another revenue stream