Cold Hard Cash
ColdHardCash is backed by the people who built WebQuest into a top brand adult online powerhouse. We are excited to have you as a new affiliate marketer that is interested in joining us as we move into the next phase of program development.

We strongly suggest you ask around about us, we are 100% positive you will hear only good things because we have worked for years to build our reputation as The Best Of The Best in the adult industry. At the end of the day, thatís really what matters most.

Some companies are focused on earning a quick score or seek to make money by screwing their customers and ruining their long term chance of success. ColdHardCash takes a longer view of this business and understands that we can earn money today without making any less money tomorrow simply by satisfying our customers and exceeding their expectations. Retaining members is our primary focus.

Affiliates and Consumers each have something important in common: Lust

Customers lust after sex with as much excitement and desire as the best Affiliates lust after money. Converting their passion into your payouts is what the ColdHardCash sponsor program is all about. Their orgasms and your bank deposits are definitely interrelated. Sign-up and earn more today!

  • There Is No Substitute For Experience - We Have Plenty Industry veterans with a well known track-record of successful ventures.
  • A Staff Full Of Former Affiliates - Not Time Wasters We hire smart people who work hard, not idiots and clueless pretty faces.
  • Take The 48 Hour Test Drive - See For Yourself Within 48 hours of signing up you will see why ColdHardCash is better.
  • The Best Of The Best - More Than Just Words Itís our goal and our mantra. We are determined to always be better than anyone else.

Itís easy for idiots to think they know everything. ColdHardCash is based on the idea that we can always learn more and do better. We always welcome your ideas and input.

The Affiliate Program model works best as a two-way street. We expect to learn from you and we hope to share with you many new methods of making money online.